We love when our locals get to influence some of the world’s most renowned DJs. Montreal has such a diverse and eclectic musical scene to enjoy, we are proud of our local artists and producers making a name for themselves and continuing to open the international visibility of our scene. 

Hicky & Kalo have been around for quite some time now, and the Montreal duo has proven to be one of the most influential artists in the local electronic music scene. Founders of Plaisirs Sonores Records, they have been delighting us with their groovy rhythmic deep house, and continue to advance their style in catchy ways. This is most noticeable with their  latest EP, Astre, featuring a Soul Button remix.

This piece of work contains all that any good raver dreams of : high rhythms, melodic bridges and round metallic sounds that balances with a nice groovy bass. The gently dramatic intro lets you prepare for the musical journey you’re on and as soon as the bass hits, as the listener get driven in by the percussion play. The dark almost melancholic melody goes throughout the song and guides your vibe like a musical compass. In brief, a segment of good sounds that work well in bringing out musical poetry. To continue the trip, enjoy the duo’s newest set, fresh off the island of St. Martin for SXM

Their original track didn’t need a remix to be enjoyed, but it’s always flattering when your sound catches the attention of some big names in the field, and they end up featured on your EP… And when it’s none less but the precursor of ethereal techno, it surely deserves a notice !

Well known Berlin based DJ Soul Button, has made his own  interpretation of Hicky & Kalo’s piece and it’s a banger that surely respects the quality of the original version. The German DI is an artist praised at (((home))) and around the world…and a poet too as this quote demonstrates: 

“Each unbuttoned button is a disclosed secret,

a higher level of conscious intimacy.

Each fastened button is a hard barrier,

an insurmountable obstacle.

According to that, the button becomes a symbol of communication.”

Enjoy this piece of magic, and let us know what you think,