We have such a unique mix of electronic music events, festivals, and parties here in Montreal.

Our city is home to the best of deep house, progressive house, hard style, lo-fi, techno…the list goes on and on. It really took me leaving our scene for just a week to understand how great we have it here up north!

What I find particularly fantastic about Montreal is its love for that good, higher BPM, industrial sound. Truly something you don’t often see from just any North American city. Visits from Boston 168, Lucy, and SNTS have all of us who love this kind of European noise, asking for more.

Well, more is聽on its way. Next week, OCTOV is inviting three of my techno favorites to Montreal for聽another evening of proper, proper techno.

After Movie OCTOV w/ Regal & JKS (Canadian Premieres)

Three weeks after, it's still difficult for us to realise what happened that night at Entrep么ts Dominion with Regal, JKS and our dear resident Omar Hamdi! It was such an amazing night with all of you, thank you again everybody! 馃檹Don't miss our next event 馃搯 OCTOV w/ Perc, Kas:st & Tim Tama!馃憠馃師https://bit.ly/2OhMmai馃師馃帴 @Evangelos Desborough馃摡 https://bit.ly/2HYfPov__________Trois semaines apr猫s, il nous est encore difficile de r茅aliser ce qui s'est pass茅 cette nuit-l脿 aux Entrep么ts Dominion avec Regal, JKS et notre cher r茅sident Omar Hamdi! Ce fut une soir茅e incroyable avec vous, merci encore 脿 tous! Ne manquez pas notre prochain 茅v茅nement :馃搯 OCTOV w/ Perc, Kas:st & Tim Tama馃憠馃師https://bit.ly/2OhMmai馃師馃帴 @Evangelos Desborough馃摡 https://bit.ly/2HYfPov

Publicado por OCTOV en Viernes, 29 de marzo de 2019

In March, I had the chance to see French DJ and producer Regal spin at Entrep么ts. The crowd was locked in, grooving, the lighting was sharp and minimalist, and the overall feel was just perfect. There’s nothing like a deconstructed environment where the music and crowd are synced so seamlessly with no distractions.

Perc is undoubtedly a favorite of so many industrial techno heads out there. His stereo show in 2018 blew the crowd out of the water, and he’s back at Entrep么ts next Saturday to do the same. Listening to Perc, you’re gonna get a mix of everything: something acid-y, something rigorous, something edgy. His ability to incorporate so many instrumental and musical elements into any given moment is incredible. No wonder he’s traveled around the globe, delivering his insistent, driving, serious sound to fans worldwide.

Take a look at his discography, and you’ll see how Perc reinvents himself album to album through 10 years of superb techno and electronica productions. His music speaks to the spirit of ravers everywhere. It’s referential. Prepare yourself for a melange of some things old, some things new, all packaged into what I know will be a killer set.

In the last year, Kas:st has been at the top of my most listened to techno artists. The DJ duo from France send chills down my spine with their stellar productions. “Road to Nowhere” and the “Voyage of Time” EP two of my favorites. Definitely check them out. However, there’s nothing like seeing these two work a crowd in person.

This is Paris.馃檹馃檹 Possession#hellonearth

Publicado por Kas:st en Martes, 26 de marzo de 2019

Their sounds incorporates a frequent use of synths, rounded ambient sounds, haunting vocals, and still maintains an authentically underground feeling. It’s not quite industrial, but rather a high-tech sound filled with ethereal soundscapes, rippling synths, all layered upon a driving kick and off-beat high hat. All of the musical elements within their sets just melt together so effortlessly. Hypnotic melodies, emotion-evoking sets…if you have a craving for some eye opening music, then I hope to see you at Entrep么ts next Saturday.

Glazart 08/12/18

Once again, Paris was fire! 馃敟馃敟Playing two of my favourite tracks from 2018:Scalameriya – Let My Flesh Be Your Sacrament [TPT078]Remco Beekwilder – Mayday [EMERALD001]

Publicado por Tim Tama en Lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2018

At 24, Tim Tama has produced some incredible heavy hitting tracks (“Cull the Weak – Original Mix”). Yet among the his tracks with heavy hitting percussion, lay ones with floating synths and mystifying soundscapes. It’s clear that Tim isn’t moved to produce the same kind of techno twice, and I’m sure this will be reflected in his set on the 27th. Check out his track “Temporal Remnants“. It’s epic, cinematic, and driving: just the kind of vibe we need in the mix next Saturday.

You may have recently heard S Y L A at Stereo back in December, or under SAT‘s dome in January. He’s been a long time contributor to Montreal’s electronic music scene, whether as an organizer, label distributor, or spinning Techno. OCTOV puts forward some of Montreal’s best in heavier, unique techno, and S Y L A’s artistry and eclectic style at the decks upholds this reputation. Check out his Soundcloud here to get a better sense of what to expect next week.

On top of these four incredible artists, OCTOV is also hosting a talk with none other than Perc and S Y L A before the show. In partnership with with Trax Magazine, “Intermission” is set to facilitate a conversation about the relationship between the DJ status and the producer status in an artist’s career. Does the legitimization of a DJ necessarily need to go through the process of production?

From 7-9, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to a candid talk among our community and Perc. The techno experience is more than just the rave, so come and check it out. OCTOV is providing something accessible and聽free!聽Click HERE to RSVP.

OCTOV continues to bring the best of real, real techno to Montreal. The show on the 27th at Entrep么ts is practically unmissable. Not to mention, your techno faves will be heard on Funktion 1…also, if you liked the visuals at OCTOV’s last show in March, check out VJ RORO‘s projections. They’re truly the icing on the cake.

You can find tickets HERE before they sell out!

and as always…see you on the dance floor xx