This weekend, Montreal is filled with outstanding techno.

Our friends at OCTOV are premiering Regal and JKS on Friday night at Entrepôts Dominion. Drumcode’s Enrico Sangiuliano and Weska are making their Stereo debut on Sunday morning…and on Saturday night, one of the current reigning queens of techno will be paying a visit to Montreal’s SAT.

Last year, FrontRite threw down an incredible show featuring techno giant Loco Dice; bringing together some of Montreal’s key players in the electronic music scene for an unforgettable 5 year anniversary. This Saturday, the FrontRite team is hosting none other than Brazilian techno phenomenon ANNA, with support from one of our favorite locals, DJ Alex Pycke.

Growing up within her father’s night club in Sao Paolo, ANNA found and cemented her passion for DJ’ing at the young age of 15. Ever since, she’s proven herself as a master track selector, mixer, and mood setter; playing stages from Movement Detroit, to Awakenings, and more. She’s received praise from techno’s biggest names, hit the top of beatport’s techno charts in 2018 with her track ‘Hidden Beauties’, and continues to make waves with every recurring performance.

I first became aware of ANNA through her remix of “Stabbed In the Back” by Tiga & Audion. This remix is electronic music production at its best, and it still captivates me today. The futuristic, ear-catching, complex sounds heard in her productions really exemplify what we all love about today’s electronic music and techno. Hearing the complexities of her productions and sound on the speakers of SAT is something I’ve been eagerly awaiting since the show was announced.

Check out some of her other productions in preparation for Saturday. Some of my favorites include Far Beyond from the Haze Moon EP, ‘Suzi In Trance’ (this is for all you acid techno lovers out there), and of course, the one and only ANNA Remix of John Hopkins’ ‘Singularity’. Also, fresh out of the studio just a week ago, is ANNA’s Remix of  Canadian producer Fairmont’s ‘Gazebo’ (see below). I’m getting some outer space energies with this one…so prepare yourself for take-off at SAT.

Credit: DJMag

It takes power and audacity to get up on global stages and present serious fem energy to crowds of thousands. Too often in this male dominated electronic music industry, women are told to dumb themselves down, or even to present themselves as more masculine in order to ‘make it’. What I and so many love about ANNA is how she takes this patriarchal pressure and sends it packing. Her energy on the decks paired with her connection with the crowd make her sets one of a kind. She’s a feminine techno emblem…or perhaps a prime example to all her fans of how to present non-masc and still rock it as one of the world’s most lauded techno DJs/producers. You go girl.

For all of you who need a reminder of ANNA’s opening performance from Piknic last summer, you can watch the last moments of her set HERE. She is rocking that mesh top while throwing down the last few minutes of what was the perfect start to an amazing season of Piknic Electronik. Look at the energy of the crowd.

Alex Pycke performing at AIM Festival 2018

Not to mention, we’re getting an opening act from our Montreal homie Alex Pycke. If you were there like I was to witness what he delivered before Danny Tenaglia in November, you’re not gonna want to miss what he has in store before ANNA. Alex has been with FrontRite since the beginning, and we’re excited to see him play for such a big room. Some serious techno is. in. store.

All in all, this isn’t a show to miss. ANNA has become a Montreal favorite, and it’s no surprise that she’s ready to explore different dimensions of techno with us North Americans. “I feel that I can experiment more and more with the North American crowd. I can play something different from what they are expecting from, and they are open to listen.”

It’s been 6 years since the dance and electronic music community of FrontRite was founded. Come celebrate with both locals and one of techno’s most celebrated international artists this Saturday at SAT.

You can find tickets to the event HERE

Check out the facebook event page for updates and details HERE

As always, I’ll see you on the dance floor xx