OCTOV has undeniably been producing some of Montreal’s best techno shows. And not just any kind of techno. OCTOV brings artists who deliver the real, underground, industrial sounds which so many of us  techno-heads live for.

Credit: Arthur Rad

I Hate Models played a high tempo set with massive kicks which left my legs and thighs hurting for days last February. OCTOV brought over Shlømo & Keith Carnal, who spun some of their masterful, haunting productions last April within their incredible set. Anetha and Hector Oaks slayed the decks and brought techno mayhem to the people of Montreal last November.

So. Looking for your underground techno fix this winter? If so, I have some good news. On March 8th, OCTOV is presenting one of their best bookings yet, featuring European techno guru Regal, French DJ/Producer JKS, and support by OCTOV’s own Omar Hamdi.

Regal (Involve – ES)

Regal has found a place within many of my techno playlists in the last year. His driving tracks, playful, edgy use of percussion, all layered underneath a decoration of acid sounds have been catching the attention of listeners worldwide. Add in praise by some of Techno’s biggest names, including a collab with Belgian techno nobility Amelie Lens, and it’s no wonder he’s been playing stages from Tblisi, to London, and beyond.

The way Regal implements sounds from a variety of different sub-genres of techno makes him a techno artist anyone can enjoy. His acid-y sounds are always featured in just the right way; never overdoing it, and enough to keep any acid fan happy. On top of this, his productions vary from darker, edgier tracks, to tracks which feature his crazier, rave-y side (see “Still Raving”, “Acid Affair“). Any true raver is sure be swept off their feet next Friday. Techno doesn’t get much purer than this!

And to the true ravers out there, I present to you: JKS. Endorsed by some of my techno favorites, Dax J, Kobosil, and Obscure Shape to name a few, his sound is reminiscent of these aforementioned artists who laud him….only crazier. And more energetic. There’s something almost whimsical about his sound. A mad scientist of crazy techno perhaps? Musically, expect tracks with 138+ BPM, complex, driving poly-rhythmic percussion, and acid for days. There’s a good chance you’re gonna leave Entrepôts Dominion with the whispers rave-y vocals, a kick drum still ticking along in your head, and very, very sore feet after his set.

To top it all off, Omar Hamdi, one of the minds behind OCTOV, will be providing support to our two European guests next Friday. We’ve heard him spin some serious techno at Piknic Electronik, Stereo Afterhours, and SAT’s Dome, and I’m sure he’ll bring some awesome home grown sounds to mix into the evening. Check out his Piknic set below…1:12:00 – so good! Lights, and the perfectly crafted visual experience will be provided by VJ RØRØ and Studio N.A.M.E.

All in all, this has to be one of my favorite bookings of 2019 thus-far…and as far as my experiences go, OCTOV brings the real deal techno that the people of Montreal spend the week days dreaming about. That being said, don’t skip out on this one, my fellow techno-heads! Tickets to next Saturday’s show at Entrepôts Dominion can be found HERE, and the facebook event for the show can be found HERE.

Thanks again to the OCTOV team for putting on what I know will be another stellar evening for the books, and making all of our techno dreams come true. Entrepôts Dominion is the perfect type of venue for their shows, and if you haven’t already seen the space, you can check it out HERE.

I’ll see you on the dance floor xx