All Day I Dream has once again delivered a quality release of profound, dreamy tracks, boasting a deep roster of global talent.

One of these producers is Simon Vuarambon. Originally from Switzerland, but based in Argentina, his tracks have always plucked at our heartstrings, delivering truly timeless classics. A remarkable talent, he’s released on global labels such as Sudbeat, Shanti Radio Moscow, Balance, and now ADID.

Simon Vuarambon has long been one of our favorite progressive and deep house artists. Some of his releases have stayed with us for years, moving souls and grooving dancefloors; Pandora, Ethiopian, and Leman, to name a few.

Organic, earthy, and hypnotic, Simon has captured a vibe which really transports listeners. A powerful groove underlined by light kicks, forming a dreamy soundscape as the melody takes over. The synth is masterfully handled to create a unique progressive atmosphere. We loved this track, and how it complements the rest of the release.


Don’t forget to check out Simon Vuarambon <3

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