2019 is starting with an industrial kick from Ellen Allien.

This week, the Berlin techno maven jumpstarts a hard-hitting cosmic trip with her new label UFO Inc. The vision? « A rough and raw approach to contemporary techno », an exploration of the space between firm mechanical beats and the rhythms that glide and invent above it.

Already a respected label boss since the launch of BPitch in 1999, Allien sends off her new imprint with her own release, also titled ‘UFO’. If you attended one of her shows this summer, you might have heard her ripping through ‘UFO’ and ‘Körpermaschine’. UFO maps out the contrast between rock solid basslines and swerving celestial rhythms, adeptly sprinkled with acid. Körpermaschine is an industrial, hypnotising ode to techno’s essential components.

We last saw her in Montreal for the dark and multidisciplinary delight that was Exposé Noir, featuring Sven Marquadt’s alluring black and white photography.

The EP will be out on vinyl and digital January 28. Ahead on ‘UFO Inc.’s horizon, releases from Alien Rain and Regal, and new surprises sure to come from this techno comet of an artist.

Article: Lola Baraldi