The news dropped a few weeks ago, and it probably impacted you guys as much as us: Salon Daomé announced their last month of music therapy before closing down their mythical Mont-Royal location. We’re sure you felt it, that pang in your chest and the dancing feet nostalgia, as 17 years of treasured musical enjoyment stand behind us. 17 years is no less than 5304 potential nights of dancing frenzy in the music temple. If you haven’t done them all, and we kinda hope you haven’t, you have at least one memory of that place and we bet it’s a good one.

Salon Daomé has it all, and the hard work delivered by the owners, event planners, baristas, bouncers, DJs and other member of the staff seemed to be gratified by an always responsive loyal crowd. A crowd that was able to enjoy a diversity of musical horizons that the space delivered with constant quality over the years. A place where you could discover the local artist scene as much as better known names in the industry. With a willingness to always select DJs in line with their values, the Salon team delivered nights of pure musical discovery, mixing styles and genres for the wishful ears of a vibing crowd.

For a first evening of wonders, Salon cooked up a recipe that strikes the perfect balance between our local favorites and their usual avant-garde bookings. Striking the decks, we have Sunshine Jones [Dubtribe Soundsystem, Treehouse Muzqiue…], a maestro of sunny house music to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Sunshine Jones is used to being on the road and sharing all along the way, notably about live analog performances, which is what he’ll be delivering. Adept of the motto “play live no matter what”, Sunshine Jones explores multidisciplinary projects, pairing his live mixing with art exhibits, as you can see below. 

He’ll be supported by Nathan Burns, Microzoo Records co-owner and Daomé resident, who will be grooving up the house with his unique deep house touch.

The new location at 4465 St-Laurent will feature a new soundsystem, spanking acoustics, the same but enhanced decor we love, and more dancefloor space.

We’ll be happy to keep attending the glistening electronic evenings that light up our weeks and weekends, as well as the usual residency nights (Lofthanza, Fun Factory…) that will continue to have a home in Montreal, as Salon will remain “a place of creation and gathering” where smiling souls can meet on the dancefloor. 

Feature photo by Ivan

Article by Ivan & Lola