As 2017 comes to a close, let us take a moment to reflect on the beats that have blessed our ears, and then let’s take another to get excited about what we have to look forward to in the new year. Montreal producer Paolo Rocco’s new RAWMoments imprint launch captures this spirit of looking both backward and forward. After curating hundreds of hours of underground beats, and spending years hosting his impressive RAWMoments events, Paolo Rocco has announced that he is further developing this undertaking with the launch of the RAWMoments imprint.

paolo rocco rawmoments vinyl only rowle 001

Longtime Stereo resident Rocco, with partners Pijynman and Lessi S., just released a vinyl-only 12” on December 5th to accompany this announcement. On the weekend of December 8th and 9th , the RAWMoments trio traveled from Ottawa to Montreal, stopping first to take City at Night accompanied by Stassy. Not to be deterred by lack of sleep, they landed Saturday in the booth at Montreal’s Lambi, again sharing their exhilaration and incredible taste. Both nights they were able to play for longer than expected – a good omen for the nascent imprint.

paolo rocco rawmoments vinyl only rowle 001
Rowle 001 – VA – [RAWM01]
The premiere vinyl, titled [RAWM01], is contemplative yet bright, moody yet playful, familiar yet surprising. Side A hosts originals “Yuri” and “V12” from Rocco and Pijynman, while side B sees these tracks remixed by Berlin’s Diego Krause and NYC’s Alix Alvarez. This multi-talented, multi-influence group is the perfect mélange – the sound that they create is true to
the RAWMoments taste, setting a high bar for the label’s future development and direction. They’ve already seen support from Fuse London, Mixmag, and XLR8R.

Get your copy on Juno HERE

Article by Morgan Mulqueen