It was foretold, by Lakota Prophecy, that there would come a time when a Black Serpent would emerge to violate sacred lands of American tribesmen; contaminating precious water and ultimately destroying the Earth. In many ways, this story mirrors what is transpiring across four American states involved in the development of a now estimated US$8-billion project named the Keystone XL Pipeline. It is no wonder that Native elders from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes are citing the prophecy as a battle cry against the oil giants involved.

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To many concerned citizens across both borders, including myself, this insulting act of promoting the potential destruction of natural resources is something that cannot go unnoticed. It is why, we at Husa Sounds in collaboration with Front Rite and Montreal artists, are banding together to raise awareness and funds for the Tribes. This event will take place in a loft at the heart of Montreal on one the city’s most awaited weekends:
Nuit Blanche. [ Click HERE for more info ]

Here’s a little more info on what has happened…

Ground zero of resistance to this terrible ordeal is held at Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota, where the many Native tribes and supporters have gathered in opposition. This group of protectors uses prayer and protest as tools to wrestle their ongoing oppression. Rain or shine, these brave countrymen are fighting for the future of North America. Through harsh weather conditions and risk of injury they hold steadily to their cause. As you may have heard, over the last year, water protectors have struggled to combat the many attempts to further this massive project. A small victory this past December came in form of a denial of permit issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In effect, this permit application would have facilitated the drilling under the Missouri River and put in jeopardy the water needs of the inhabitants of the reservation. The concern lies in a most peculiar hypothetical situation. If said pipeline experiences malfunction and ruptures, the damage to the water resource, which sustains life in the region and more than 2 million people, would be catastrophic. It is to be noted that the Ogallala Aquifer could also be gravely affected as the path of the project runs directly above it. Not to mention the fact that the Missouri River is a tributary to the Mississippi River, the fifth largest in the world. It could, contaminate the unidirectional flow all the way to the life-bearing River Delta in Louisiana.

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However, political currents shift like the sea’s tides. The last presidential administration’s work has seen its reversal with new executive powers eager to work in favor of oil profits. With each new ratification, Washington furthers the struggle to protect treasured resources in the region. In January 2017, a despot rose to power in the Oval Office. His governance has so far put into action executive orders intent on building the pipeline and renegotiating legal terms. It is business as usual for the billionaires that do not have to rely on this water to provide for their families. This new administration has revoked all relevant work done by the previous one; which had stopped the project and stalled progress in 2015. Recent developments include signing of measures that could punish protesters heavily with up to $20 000 fines and 10 years of imprisonment for anyone convicted of a rioting charge. Furthermore, this past week the US Senate has voted 32-12 in favor of legislature that would make it illegal for any adult protesting to use the guise of a mask. As of noon Wednesday February 22nd, evictions were scheduled for the Oceti Sakowin camp of Standing Rock with arrest mandated for anyone that remained on the grounds.

On our side of the border, the news on this issue is not much different. TransCanada has refiled for a permit in the US to place the route of the Keystone XL Pipeline through Nebraska as it will contribute to the construction of this 1 900 kilometer project. The pipeline, if completed, will take oil sands crude from the Province of Alberta down through the Dakotas and Nebraska onto the existing pipeline to be refined in the Gulf of Mexico. The production of oil will receive an additional 830,000 barrels of crude per day to be turned into more dirty fuel and dirty profits.

At the center of our fundraiser is adriēn, a Montreal DJ and producer who has dedicated his recent production and musical energy to this issue. You can grab his dedication, “River Solace” by donating to organizations and sending him a screen capture of your donation. When asked what inspired him to act, he responded by saying, “I felt like giving a voice to some of these people”. His aim was to translate their suffering into music. On March 4th, we will host and join in together to use sound as our conduit for change.

We hope you’ll be in high spirits and look forward to seeing you all on this year’s Nuit Blanche!

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