Now that 2016 is almost wrapped up and put away forever, some have begun grieving the past. Others are taking the opportunity to daydream and reflect on the near future with all the promising experiences that 2017 holds. Finding something new out of your comfort zone, taking part in immense gatherings, feeling the positive energy resonating & meeting new beautiful people from all around the world. The holidays are just around the corner and in the spirit of giving, many communities come together in hopes of spreading love. It is truly the best time to be alive and feel human, cherish what this world has in store for us.

The Miki Mau community is a perfect example of putting your heart first, emanating from such a simple concept; good people sharing common love. A diverse group made up of members hailing from different ends of the world, leading different lives, working in a broad range of industries and all through this big eclectic community runs one intense bond: the Love of House Music.

This non profit organization is hosting a “Don’t Do Too Much“; a fundraiser in Brooklyn, New York this Friday (December 9th). The funds gathered on this event will all go to the 2017 MikiMau Camp. For the ones in the area this weekend and looking for something exciting to do, this is a great opportunity to meet good people & dance to some good music.

Mikimau art community burningman 2017 2016 nevada desert

– Article by Ale Maz