For this interview, I decided to look at a different genre of music. As a music lover I can’t get enough instrumentals. They vary from a wide range of emotions and creates a setting for every tune. This next artist I interviewed I had discovered by sheer accident. Upon researching some new tracks, looking up some of my favourite artists. I came across a set performed by Flight Facilities. A set performed for Mixmag in their London lab. The set was phenomenal but one track grabbed my attention and followed me for days. The set list was later added to the video from it’s original air date. Noticing the name of this artist, I brought myself to find the name of an unreleased track.

Sleepy Crusader

It’s a sound I had not heard in a long time, unique to say the least. But a track that isn’t even out yet? I had to try my best to remember that I would have to check back periodically so I can listen to the whole song.
After some more digging on social media, I found that Flight Facilities posted about their longtime friend Falqo. The name triggered everything I already forgot. The excitement couldn’t be more real. Rummaging through my browser history and piecing together the puzzle of forgotten memories, I traced myself back to the Mix Lab set and read the song title. Bringing up the track on sound cloud was like being on cloud 9. This tune, groovy beat, with some funk and soul, was coming to life. There’s nothing quite like waiting for a track you crave to be fabricated into existence. From there, I found his Soundcloud and gave all his music a listen. All I could think was “This. More of this.” They say disco is dead, but aspects of it still live in music every single day. Since I’m so fortunate to write for you all to read on such a public forum, I decided that Falqo would be my next DJ/Producer to interview.

RG: Hey! Thank you for taking the time to participate in the interview,
I have to say, It’s a real pleasure having you give us some of your time.

F: Thank you for taking the time to write me!

RG: At what age did producing music become a passion for you?

F: I started DJ’ing at the age of 17 and was very naive about producing. From early years I was always playing keyboards and fooling around. I played the trumpet for 6 years as well. It wasn’t until my older brother downloaded a free version of Fruity Loops and I seemed to understand the concept. I would of been 19 when I realized I wanted to pursue it, I really sucked but it was and still is my favourite thing to do.

RG:The name Falqo, how did you come to deciding on that name?

F: My favourite animal is the peregrine Falcon, apparently they have very similar behaviour to humans. I love the idea of flying and the Falcon is the fastest bird out there.

RG: And what artists (of any kind) do you turn to for inspiration?

F: I first heard Daft Punk – Around The World when I Was 9 and I’ll never forget the way the song made me feel. Those robotic vocals were something that I’d only heard in cartoons and movies. I always turn to them if I feel musically lost. Justice (France) are up there as well, their classical electro sound is actually very motivational for me. I listen to them when I go running or working out. I actually listen to a lot of old music as well like Phil Collins, Queen, The Beach Boys and Elton John. I love dramatic and emotional music, Elton John has done wonders for me. Also Ricky Gervais, I think he’s the funniest man alive, in this crazy world its good to try not to take things too seriously and have a laugh.

RG: I like your list! I would like to think you have a shared vision on who some great artists are. Anyone not music or arts related that has motivated you?

F: My dad is my biggest fan but biggest critic. Its hard to finish a song with his unlimited musical suggestions. He used to be a singer and has a great ear. I think the reason I make the music I make is because of the songs he used to play to me when I was a child. I guess I have his musical taste. He has shown me so many great acts including ‘Alan Parsons Project’ which has been a real game changer for my music, you will hear more of that influence later in the year. My dad’s still got a decent voice, you may hear some of that later in the year too.

RG: The disco groove you have going on is something I truly admire about your sound. It has funk, soul and a paced swing. If you can play a gig anywhere, with your taste in music, where would it be?

F: Thanks! Compliments welcome!
I’m currently recruiting a band and booking some small shows but really I’d love to play live at Madison Square Garden, one day.

RG: Any artists you wish to play back to back with?

F: Fatboy Slim got me into DJ’ing so i’d love to support him as a dj set, he’s a great entertainer I think it would be a bunch of fun.

RG: Fatboy Slim! Iconic artist right there. He has some great tunes. Do you have a routine or ritual when recording in the studio?

F: Hmmm.. I sing melodies in my head, I have a beautiful Yamaha upright piano in my studio, I try to get the melodies out my head and onto the piano. Once I have some solid chords and melody I play them into my computer on the midi keyboard, do the beats and construct a song, then simplify everything and go back to the piano or Juno106 and record it live. Sometimes midi can sound better and cut through the mix more. Much of a muchness but I do prefer live instruments to anything else.

RG: I see your passion for instrumentals, it shows in your work. I’m sure our readers will look forward to your video journal. Thank you again! And all the best on your musical endeavors!

F: You’re welcome, and thank you! 🙂

Along with this interview, we have the great pleasure to feature Falqo for a 1 hour mix on our “HS” podcast series, enjoy!

Article by Rye Guy

Photo artwork by: ale maz