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Well nestled at the heart of the Montreal house and techno scenes, Husa Sounds produces events of varying scales promoting locals and internationals alike, publishes regular blog content covering artists, events, gear and happenings, premieres music on our label and run weekly podcasts. We work hard with local artists, collectives and events to provide them with effective customized content, and tell their stories in a way that’s true to them. Through our commitment to stimulating the quality and creativity of our local scene, we’ve developed a genuine connection with our following.


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Interview | 5 Years of OCTOV

What started out as a three-person mission fueled by the passion of creating amazing events, became a premier Montreal-based techno and electronic music collaborative that has delivered incredible raves again, and again, and again. For the last 5 years, OCTOV has been flying in top-drawer artists from around the world, while bringing together some of […]

Spotlight | Birds of Mind Land at Cazar This Thursday

Composed, organic, connected with their surroundings and each other. Birds of Mind take us on the kind of trip where we want to stay a while, and just coast with them. Hailing from Paris, the duo nurtures spirituality in sound: their own, and that of the listener. This past year has seen them land all […]

News | Art Vibes Celebrates 5 years With Double Vinyl Release

The Art Vibes Reworks II project started as a crazy idea during summer 2018. This fall, it’s finally seeing daylight. If you’ve been following Art Vibes for a while, you may be familiar with release of the first reworks edition back in September 2017,  including 10 revisits of its early tunes. The first edition included […]

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