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AEMCON Interview | Across the Coast With LION-S

During quarantine, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the inspiring and enthusiastic Sara Spicer AKA Lion-S. If you haven’t heard of her but have been to Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, BC, you’ve definitely marvelled at her work. Lion-S has been an integral part of the magical oasis many of us call home, as stage director and […]

Music | Pieter & Maxim from Stavroz launch new “Shady” band project

Shady is a new band on the block, comprised of Pieter De Meester and Maxim Helincks. Both of these guys bring lots of music scene experience to the table, previously playing with bands such as King Dalton, DVKES, Statue, Aedo… This list keeps on. For the last few years, this energetic duo toured the world […]

Interview | Music Journalist Cherie Hu Briefs us on Tech, Streaming & Gaming

Music industry journalist and researcher Cherie Hu has a depth of insight to offer for those curious to understand the music business landscape. As well spoken on the music industry’s history as she is on its current trends, Cherie releases weekly analysis and forecasts for Patreon subscribers in her Water & Music newsletter. She expands […]

The Masks for Music Story | Wear A Mask That Helps Your Scene

“We knew that there was revenue out there that people were spending on masks – they’re going to fashion companies, to pharmaceutical companies, why can’t they go to the music industry?” Lindi Delight has spanned a career wearing many hats – and as of recent, many masks. As the music industry found itself in a […]

Interview | GIGEE Comes Back to Katermukke With Minotaur EP

GIGEE is one the latest powerhouse artists rising through the techno flanks. With a varied and fresh understanding of musical culture, this Polish globetrotter has so far released on Rodriguez JR’s mobilee and now returns on the esteemed Katermukke imprint. GIGEE made a pivot from involvements like running creative agency ‘In Sound We Trust’ and conceptualizing […]

Interview | Vander Talks About His New Music Academy!

Vander is a well-versed upcoming act in the deep house community, evolving his dreamy yet dark style with releases on labels such as Garden Of Babylon, Stil Vor Talent, Art Vibes to name a few. The Dominican Republic native is definitely an act to follow, who’s put his time in quarantine to good: his recently […]