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November 16, 2018

OCTOV invites Anetha & Héctor Oaks

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Date: November 16, 2018

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OCTOV presents

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░ Anetha (Blocaus Series)
Inspired by new wave and electronic music, Anetha always oscillates between acid lines, melancholic melodies, hypnotic patterns and strong grooves. She also loves to play 90’s old school tracks, and definitely know how to make the people dance, offering an intense and pulsating journey to her public.

The Parisian based DJ and producer has been gaining quite a name for herself over the past few years, playing in famous places in France and all around the world such as Concrete and Weather Festival in Paris, Khidi in Tbilissi, Korner in Taipei, Grelle Forelle in Austria, Faust in Seoul, Reaktor in Amsterdam and Berghain in Berlin. Anetha also co-manages Blocaus Series, the imprint started with her Blocaus collective in 2016 to develop the French local scene alongside great remixers.

Production wise, she has released an EP on “Work Them Records”, and tracks on different labels including a successful one called Acid Train on the great Anagram imprint.

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░ Héctor Oaks (OAKS – BASSIANI)
As one of Europe’s most wanted underground weapons, Héctor Oaks style stands out for playing the unexpected and the highly engaging. As DJ, producer and label head his take on techno resonates by combining the contemporary with hand-picked tracks from the history of rave culture.

Héctor Oaks has been behind the turntables for almost half of his life. Gaining his first credits in Madrid’s underground, it was when he relocated to Berlin, that his DJing really took off. Not long after his move to the German capital, the trained sound engineer released his first vinyl releases on KEY VINYL. This kick-start into the fertile soils of Berlin’s underground lay the foundation of a career, that has taken off internationally in the past years. It’s the dancefloors that taught this DJ his outstanding empathy and intuition for the sounds, that make a crowd vibrate. Constant practice and the dedication to music shaped his style.

Known for his stamina and mixing skills, it is his selection that truly stands out. What seems eclectic on the first sight, is a well-curated mix of vinyl gems. Héctor Oaks seeks for the sweet spot between tracks that are connected not by genre but vibe and style. As vinyl-only DJ, his selection thrives on Oaks’ passion for digging in record shops all around the world. Not to mention the years in Berlin ́s infamous Record Loft, that served the local scene with an outstandingly broad selection of 2nd hand vinyl. When in the mood for a proper rave, you will find Oaks playing under his alias Cadency.

Héctor Oaks became a staple of the international techno scene. A steady guest of Berlin’s steaming Herrensauna since it’s early instalments, he joined as resident when the party moved to techno legend Tresor. With his residency in Tbilisi’s very own Bassiani Club, Oaks brings the vibe of Berlin into Europe’s eastern epicentre As producer Oaks appeared on the club’s label, contributing to the well-curated EP (BAS004) with a track not shy to show some emotional motives.

OAKS is home to Héctor Oaks own releases since its founding in 2016. The platform has seen guests like Prostitutes, Anetha and Ascion. Like Oaks’ sets, his productions range from raw straight techno to jacking grooves. All Oaks records are produced for DJing, keeping the crowd in mind. Not so as tools but as songs that can be remembered.

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░ Lucide. (OCTOV)
Lucide. arrived in Montreal in 2012. He has been progressively attracted by electronic music thanks to an active and diverse local scene.That is when he bought his first decks, started collecting techno vinyl records, discovered the art of DJing and later on, began to produce his own music. His passion for sciences and his studies in molecular genetics have naturally pushed him towards this type of music which is, according to him, one of the most Cartesian genre of music. The sounds and rhythms simultaneously complex, fast and structured, as well as the dimension of musical experimentation found in techno music are, for him, the perfect tools to express his artistic side. In his music, Lucide. is looking for texture, depth, complexity, emotions and feelings such as melancholia, nostalgia, even going so far as anger and anxiety.

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