Welcome to Macica! 

An individual consciousness born through the swirl of two artists.

“With the creation of this artwork, watchers are put under a spell, cast by the Moon’s Magician.”

Who is the Moon’s Magician?

Odna is a multi-dimensional performance artist, musician and healer. This work embodies a reclamation of the power of the womb and the moon, created with a surrender of her feminine energy sources. She meets the source of masculine energy, Adam Husa, recording artist and producer. Both masculine and feminine worlds balance each other out, spiralling in sync through raw sampling of seashells, foot stompings and voice recordings. These fields recordings are visually coded into a fractal – an entrancing reminder to connect.

Rooted in Polish realities, Odna wanted to respond to the outcry of her sisters in Poland as the patriarchal system continues to pass laws which regulate women’s bodies.

Odna’s musical journey started with her own pain and her journey gained strength when she connected to the pain of her sisters in Poland. Macica’s consciousness guides the intention to bring us back to our power, reconnecting with the body and surrendering to our natural cycles. It is inspired by the moon’s monthly cycles and power of birth and death, the only natural cycle we follow other than the seasons. It is a power source larger than any man, manmade system or manmade institution. Those who reconnect to the moon harness her power, and resist the many forms of enslavement.

This teaser video is released on the first day of the New Toltec Calendar, as well as Mother’s Day in Poland. The synchronicities here are intentional and commanding. The birth of Macica’s journey came through cries of Odna’s own pain, unravelling herself as a music artist and finding her voice while stuck in a natural reserve, naked, on the Egyptian mountains of Syade. She gracefully bloomed into a transition, expressing herself through movement and vocals, realizing she could also dance with her voice.

This debut is the only the beginning of a the musical journey, of Odna’s transition from dance, visual artist and choreography to the musical realm. This teaser is a small gift to you as Macica’s full existence will be released in the near future.

If you would like to see more of Odna’s work, enjoy this past reel to get a glimpse of what’s to come!