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2018 is already coming to an end, and what an end it should be. It is quite logical at this point in time that we reflect upon ourselves and all the promises of change that we made 365 days ago. The promises to start something new, to create more, to better ourselves as human beings as we decide to spend more time with our loved ones and reach for higher grounds in our personal lives. Every year, dictated by the physical revolution of our terrestrial world around the sun… But here are some fun facts that should alter our pretty stubborn vision of life’s revolutions. If we lived on Mercury we would have these self reflections every 88 days, on Jupiter every 11 years, and we wouldn’t even have the occasion on Uranus, as the neighbour planet completes its revolution every 88 years (or maybe once for the most persistants of us). Enough facts to question our vision of self reflection and its schedule in our life. Being a better person, wanting change in our lives and influence in our universe is a daily based question and each passing year should be seen as what it is : a physical revolution in space and time, and a continuum in the development of our souls. So rather than believe that each year will be better than the last, believe that each moment will, go full circle with us and ride the revolutions of life.

This year our fellow friends and local label and collective FrontRite and AVX Lab are bringing you a mix of artistic musical and visual creations to pinpoint the year to come, the one that has past and the ones before that, celebrating the continuous dream of our lives. In the magical and mystical space that is La Fonderie Darling, The night promise to be exceptional and in a last attempt to thank our musical scene and its loyal crowd, with the help of Husa Sounds, Rise Kombucha and fellow organizers of the newly released Burning Sun Parties, Floral Nights, who have gathered some of our local scene favourites.

vj bun bun avx lab montreal

In the unique metallic surrounding of the ex-industrial space: VJ BunBun, Salon Daomé resident VJ, will create an immersive visual journey that’s beat-synced with it’s musical counterpart. The local visual artist has been a pioneer of her style and discipline, and with her unique creations, has been illuminating our nights. She creates unforgettable visual effects and uniquely sensational experiences. We love her work and the passion she puts in it and it is only logical that we celebrate with her, for this very special night. New year’s celebrations are always unique, and the local visual artist under her label AVX Lab has been preparing something very special that may cause an out-of-body experience like astral-projecting! The work they have put in it (big up to AVX Lab’s creative technologist, Michel Didier, who has been working hard, skipping the Christmas celebrations to pull this together) doesn’t allow me to give away the details, but spoiler alert: imagine looking all around the Fonderie Darling’s main room, from window to window, dreamy visions illuminate the sound…

sebastien leger divine 2019 new years eve

On the musical side, what best for a such a Divine Revolution then having one of the most prolific DJs of the last 20 years? Not much, and I am so excited to let you know that to get you through the night and achieve our wildest sensorial dreams FrontRite is bringing no other than All Day I Dream artist Sébastien Léger – French DJ/producer, trained pianist and drummer also known as Sobago. Known for his ability to remix famous artists hits (Justin Timberlake, Groove Armada or even Kylie Minogue), he has collaborated with many big names during his career and paired with the best (his many gigs with master of his genre Eric Pridz are to be noted), through different music style. His  appearances in Europe’s most famous clubs (Hotel Arena, Ministry of Sound, Sloterpark or Amnesia) has allowed the French DJ to showcase his talent and stun the electronic music scene with his ability to blend into different worlds with audacity, precision and excellence.

His music career really started in the late 1990’s and it has been flourishing for the last two decades, making him a meticulous gig master who surely knows how to make a crowd travel with his rhythms through hours of non-stop music jewelry. The artist has been part of and owned so many labels that it would be almost academic of me to start enumerating them, but lately he’s been an active part of renowned and personal favorite All Day I Dream for the pleasure of dream house lovers. His experience in techno music gives a peculiar twist to his creations and mixes and will be a perfect fit with the atmosphere FrontRite and its partners are looking to render for Divine. I could go on hours talking about how Sobago influenced the electronic music scene with his personality and commitment, but I still have a list of wonderful artists to present, but here’s some of his latest creations for you to enjoy and prepare to what is going to be a very very special moment :

To start up the party and warm up your souls for the unique musical journey, our friends at Floral Nights have gathered some very special guests that we had the chance to discover this year, noticeably from their much appreciated and successful Burning Sun events. The event introduced this summer, has shown to give a soul back to Abreuvoir’s unique outdoor terrace and should keep our feet and hearts warm twice a month this winter season. It’s with great anticipation that we will welcome  Rodhjigger to open the show followed by Döppel Mind and finally Davian, who will keep us grooving with the help of Marika Fellegi’s unique instrumental vibe.

Rodhjigger will get you going with his wicked beats and deep house vibes and weird high-pitched transitions (check his October 2018 Velvet Set) while Doppel Mind (Mike and Vince) will transport you to another dimension with their deep melodic tones and surgically precise harmony and flow (I could meditate to their Canopy Sounds 27 mix and you should too). A countdown to our earth revolution around the sun that will warm you up for the very special line up the rest of the night will offer.

To keep you going on our nocturnal journey, local artist Nic Falardeau will take on the decks. Bathed in music since his young age, Nic puts meticulous and disciplined work into his creation, molding music into shapes guided by his unique creative process. Playing with organic sounds, his soulful creations are rooted around melodic vibes that transports you to a very unique musical world that he made his own. His Guestmix For the House of CJLO Visit 11 is a perfect example of his dreamy melodic world.

You probably got the vibe by now and I wouldn’t want to seem to repeat myself, but Divine is also about putting under the spotlight our unique Montreal scenes by celebrating some of our favorite local artist, and the next announced have been revealed in Montreal’s most famous “Salon”. Without further ado, the decks will be then be property of one of Montreal’s favorite duo Hicky & Kalo, shot under the spotlight by their famous Salon Daome’s residency, and loved for their energy and commitment to the scene. The duo will surely transport you in their dreamy, stellar world with their unique penchant for deep melodic groove. I could go on for hours talking about their style, but others  still need a space in this already extensive article so trust me and go vibe out with their 2018 Picknic Electronik mix if this is not already in your favorites Soundcloud playlist.

This lineup is already giving me shivers as I write about it, and we could already have a 2 days Festival organized with that many talented artists but remember that this night is about creating a transcending experience, musically and visually speaking, transporting your beautiful souls on a unique sensorial voyage. And to achieve this, who best to warm you up for our main guest then local DJ and producers Johnny Messina? I could write up a lot about him too but once again I will probably let the music speaks for itself. A state of bliss, that’s what most people remember from his amazing February Set at Stereo this year. Rolling and groovy bass paired with melodic oriental vibes, Johnny Messina has a gift for making you travel through your mind with his energetic mix and wicked beats.

A pick of Montreal’s local scene favourite with eclectic styles and unique touch, a team of devoted digital artists surrounding main VJ for the night VJ BunBun, and the performance of an international reference in the genre French Dj Sébastien Léger, this NYE party is going to be unique in delivering the uplifting atmosphere we are looking for the wrap up 2018 in the best way possible ! And last but not least, our partner RISE Kombucha will be featuring the very special Divine drink of the night… A party not to be missed ! 

Oh, and here’s a recap of the 2018 edition:

FrontRite presents Revolution NYE

Who remembers NYE?

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