If you’re at all familiar with the world of melodic techno, there’s a good chance you’ve heard some of Javier Orduña’s productions played by both local DJs along with some of the biggest names in electronic music.

This Spanish DJ and producer has seen his musical journey lead him from the punk to acid house and techno in a career that has spanned over 20 years. Javier owns his own label, NIGHTCOLOURS, and has long used Techno as the medium to create his ideal sound without limitations.

Now, after years of experience sharing his productions with world renowned venues such as Space Miami, New York’s National Underground, and A.D.E. to name a few, Javier is being welcomed into the Flora7Fauna family with his debut EP ‘Jero’, featuring Ricardo Yaneli. Javier’s productions are unique, progressive, and advanced; all traits which ring true within the brilliance of ‘Jero’.

Given its inspiration, this EP is extremely emotional in its composition, as was the process of its creation. Dedicated to Javier’s friend Jero who unfortunately lost his life to cancer, listeners are able to explore Javier’s message through the incredible composition of “Forever” and “Always”.

When all is said and done, ‘Jero’ truthfully encompasses everything us listeners love and connect most with about Javier’s prolific productions. I’m honored to have the chance to detail my findings below.


Forever creates a beautiful, yet somber and melancholic atmosphere throughout the track. As slowly synths crescendo louder and out, delicate sounds with such complex textures echo throughout the musical landscape. These details all the while are supported by a driving kick and a light subdivision of high hats.

Arpeggiated, high pitched leads join the texture, drive the track, and cascade up and down to blend in with the piece’s overall color. ‘Forever’ is also decorated with an array of unique sounds: static, what could be perceived as the turning of pages, and more indistinguishable, masterfully created productions.  At the end of the track, the various motifs found within ‘Forever’ come together, and one by one, disappear from the texture. What we’re left with is just the kick, high hat, and bass line to end the piece with a calm void of empty space.


Always starts off with a driving kick, percussion, and bass line. Synths slowly enter. Just like ‘Forever’, Javier manages to create a texture of sounds where no sound is too intense or too intrusive. Within ‘Always’ is a constant, driving, yet delicate and lighthearted rhythmic force which creates the foundation for a number of sounds and melodies to exist upon.  Every sound heard, whether an ambient voice sample, or something more driving, brings with it a deep sense of grounding.

The sounds Javier uses to drive this track forward are unique, beautifully produced, and occur effortlessly. Around 4:10, “Always” hits another painless climax, which allows all of the motifs and elements of the track to smoothly melt into a wall of brilliant progressive texture.

Javier is a Techno artist in its purest form. His contemporary take on electronic music fits right in with the artists at Flora7Fauna, and we we’re looking forward to ‘Jero’ making appearances on many international stages.

It was a pleasure getting lost in the complexity of Javier’s productions, and we’re honored to feature a full track premiere of “Always”, which you can find by clicking here.

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Thanks for reading xx