As summer finally comes to an end, the leaves begin to fall, and Piknic closes its gates for the last time, we can all look back on what was another epic season of international and local artists celebrated by some of the best crowds in Montreal.

Henry Saiz
Henry Saiz & Hernan Cattaneo play a B2B at EXIT Festival 2016

From the Abandoned series, to MUTEK, to AIM festival’s fifth edition and so many unique shows across the city, 2018’s summer festival season gave us the breath of fresh air we needed so desperately. For those of us like myself who are dreading the impending Montreal winter, however, the end of Piknic and outdoor events as a whole is an unsettling reality.

But all hope is not lost for those who dread bearing the cold, and are ready for some dark, progressive, innovative sounds. Electronic music virtuoso Henry Saiz is swinging into Newspeak this Saturday for a three hour set to help make the transition from summer to fall that much easier.

It’s easy to get taken aback by a Henry Saiz track. Whether played by the producer himself, or perhaps by maestros Hernan Cattaneo or Guy Mantzur during one of their visits to Stereo, the inventive sounds found within Saiz’s intricate creations never fail to define what we adore about quality electronic music production. If you haven’t already, take a listen to his “The Labyrinth” radio show – this will show you just what to expect from a world class music producer who has been transcending genre and boundaries from day one. These sets date back pretty far, but let’s face it, Henry Saiz’s productions are timeless!

Natura Sonoris, the label he started in 2007, has grown to be notorious in the world of electronic music, with releases being charted by over 350 artists including Guy J, Tim Green, and Alex Niggemann to name a few. The internationally acclaimed DJ and producer has most recently released an album with his band.  The album combines dozens upon dozens of the members’ musical influences, infused with references from the bands’ voyages to several remote locations around the world.

In my own experience as an electronic music listener, seldom do I stumble across an artist who meaningfully references so many experiences and artistic influences in their music. Take a look at the album description of “Human”. It perfectly sums up the way Saiz is able to melt together a watercolor of musical and cultural ideas into one masterpiece:

“You can find brushstrokes of music from the 70s and 80s like progressive rock or synthpop; also of contemporary styles such as pop and hip hop and in some songs even the energy of styles such as metal making it all seem like the most natural of combinations. Lanzarote, Australia, Dubai, Kenya, Saigon, Joshua Tree, Tokyo, Europe, Argentinian Andes, Antarctica – these are the locations the band promised to take you on a journey to, and they did. Each song embodies the essence of each place making the long play as rich in themes as in sounds, and the film, that enhances the audio experience, helps listeners to delve deeper into the meaning of this album.”

If you haven’t already taken a listen to this masterpiece of an album, do it. “Humans”, like so many of Saiz’s productions, deftly transcends musical boundaries and genres.

Henry Saiz
Henry Saiz & Band

 Montrealers have been singing Henry Saiz’s praises from day one. Thanks to our friends at I Love Neon, Newspeak, and FrontRite,  you can expect a pretty epic evening filled with a symphony of colorful synths, eclectic vocals, and human connection. Not to mention, our very own Mike Haddad will be warming up the decks and spinning his own superb progressive sounds for us all to enjoy! All the more reason to make sure you come early and stay late for incredible hometown and international talents.

If you, like myself, have been continuously wowed by his alluring, complex productions, and are looking for an evening surrounded by fellow music lovers alike, then this is not the show to miss! Wave goodbye to summer by joining me on the Newspeak dancefloor this saturday for an what promises to be an incredible experience. 

You can find tickets to this Saturday’s event HERE, along with the link to the event HERE!

Article: Hunter