August is here and it’s time to enjoy the last few weeks of the summer. With the back to school season at our door, what better way to end the season than a musical weekend getaway in the nature?!

On August 10, 11 and 12, Illusion Festival will take you on a magical journey, awakening and stimulating all senses. For this second edition of the festival, the organizers moved the festivities to Val Chester. Located only 1h45 minutes from both Montreal and Quebec City, the Val Chester Outdoor Centre offers all of its visitors a beautiful site surrounded by woods, lakes and the Nicolet River.

The immersive experience and the enchanting site will entice participants to dive into the magical universe created for them. The interactive lights and visual installations were designed to challenge the human perception and stimulate the senses. As described on the official Facebook event.

It’s an artistic and musical ebullition combined with a digital and oneiric journey. An invitation to wander…

We’ll concoct another getaway between the worlds made of shimmering colours and bewitching sounds.

 If this is the first time your hear of it, here’s a little background on the festival and the team behind it.

The project first saw light when the nonprofit organization Co-Incidences and the company NBNF (No Bass No Fun) met. The Montreal-based companies combined the Co-Incidences alternative community lifestyle, a lifestyle mostly based on sharing and creativity, with NBNF’s love for electronic music events to create Illusion.

This unique 3-day experience was created to draw and transport the participants to another dimension. Through music, digital and visual arts, the organizers have transformed the outdoor for people to embark on a sensory and auditory voyage like no other.

Wanting to help Quebec’s young and vibrant scene, they created a concept that would give visibility to the local creative pool, a platform to meet and mingle. The main goal is to promote Quebec’s artists, musicians, craftsmen and creators. To do so, local businesses are solicited for the infrastructures and logistics. From security and rescue teams to machinery rentals and purchase of materials, everything is bought or rented locally. Thus, strongly benefitting the local economy, the tourism industry and QC businesses.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing team of volunteers, devoting over 2000hrs of work to build the installations and ensure a complete restoration of the premises. With this in mind, we should all follow the example set by Illusion and promote eco-friendliness.


Not persuaded? Check out the impressive lineup of 45 DJs they’ve put together.

Music is definitely on the menu, with some of your favorite locals such as Adam Husa, Mike Haddad, Alex Pycke, Atroxx, Othman, Rafa Pineda, Lucide, Johnny Trika, Risa and Okin, to mention a few.

The full schedule has been released on Facebook last week. Festivalgoers will be able to enjoy 48hrs of non-stop music of all genres (techno, drum N bass, jungle, dub, psytrance…)

Need more convincing still?

On top of the 2 stages, the 2018 Illusion site offers camping, art installations, visual arts, artistic performances, craftsmen, workshops, kiosks, foodtrucks and more.

Come forget your everyday worries and enjoy the imaginary world created. The decors and special effects will guide you on a spiritual wandering, where emotions are sure to run high.

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Article by Telsa Ep