As many of you may already know it, starting today, Parc Jean Drapeau will be open every Sunday until the end of summer hosting one of Montreal’s coolest parties; Piknic Electronik. Say goodbye to not doing anything on Sundays & say hello to drinking wine & watching the sunset while listening to your favourite DJs. [ Click HERE for lineup ] To prepare for the first one of the season we’ve prepared a list of 5 things you should know on the subject.

1. Arrive Early

Arriving early is easier said than done. We always procrastinate and take our sweet ass time. But to get the full Piknic experience, arriving early is a completely different vibe. You can make it a full day activity and not have to rush all day to make sure you don’t miss the artist you wanted to see.

Piknic Electronique

2. Bring a Snack 

Its too bad they stopped allowing attendees to bring alcohol to the site but they haven’t stopped us from bringing any food inside! Of course there are some food trucks on site, but why not bring a snack or even a full Piknic and save that money for alcohol.


3. Explore
The island is just filled with things to see. Wander off and get to know the parc; there is so much beautiful scenery on site. Also, Piknic is opening another stage for the first weekend. That means 3 stages at the same time…

Piknic Electronik

4. Wear Good Shoes

Going to Piknic is a full day activity & your night may even extend to the next day. You never know what to expect when your hanging out with friends and having a good time. As for your feet, they will be doing lots of walking & dancing that day, so make it pleasant for them by wearing comfortable shoes.

Piknic Electronik brokenwood

5. Afterparty!

Now there are all sorts of afterparties going down on Sundays when summer hits, your weekend should not stop on Saturday.. From the Laronde parking lot parties that go down when Piknic Electronic finishes to the HSL Sundays we host at UP Club, all the way to Stereo Montreal for the troopers that just can’t stop. Theres just so much going on Sundays… Its up to you to decide.


Piknic Electronik