In a city that oozes of creative minds, it is likely to find interesting events integrating technology purely for the purpose  of an interactive experience. With a lot to take from by visiting these installations, Montreal is a good place to get inspired fuzing various forms of art. It definitely ensures memorable experiences…

Axon Art is one of these collectives bringing you their first monthly event at Felix bar on Friday December 18th; [5.2] by Axon Art collective. The night will be divided in two;  from 7pm to 11pm, you will find creative interactive installations that you will be able to experience while having a beer & for the rest of the night, DJs & Live performers & Vjs will take over.


Here are the 5 installations present during this night:

[1] Beatr

will allow us to create music through bluetooth signals and iOt devices present in the space. In collaboration with Reelyactive.

[2] Museic

can create audio visual content using brain signals with the help of EEG headset. In collaboration with NeurotechX.

[3] Hapasketch

A collaboration with Haply Robotics that gives you physical sensations of virtual objects using haptic feedback.

[4] AV Drum

Remember your old «Rockband» drum-kit? Why not unleash it’s full potential triggering sounds and visuals?

[5] Audio-Visual Mapping Performance

Dj Mini and guests will play live and dj sets.
@Graphics eMotion team perform visuals with @Felix’s Bar’s mapped dome.

I'll be there with my Muse installation - Naoto Hiéda
I’ll be there with my Muse installation – Naoto Hiéda

Here is the DJs & Live Performers Lineup

DJ Mini

 (Sound Design, Installations & Dj Set)



(Live & DJ Set)


Adam Husa

(Dj Set)


Aurélie Schleger

(DJ Set)


Surprise Guest


Experience multiple concept on both floors of Felix Bar, whether you’re coming early to network after work, or get crazy on the dance floor later on, Axon Art Collective will make it worth your while. Also. with a 10$ suggested voluntary contribution, you will get 1 FREE Beer. See you there!