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Inside fryhide’s main artist, we explore the depths of  Tone Depth’s World through our lens

After the huge success of Abandoned Factory in 2016, we could have not expected a lesser party with our 2018 edition: Abandoned Factory 2.0. Here’s a recap of this beautiful event that occured on July 22nd 2018.

Halloween inside a Church… yes we did it.

The fryhide & be-at TV debut in Montreal presented by abandoned was a spectacular event, occured in May 2018 with the likes of HOSE, Tone Depth, Groj & our very own, Adam Husa.

Abandoned Academy has had to be the most stressful event to pull through but has to be the most memorable experience event, This event was incredible, here’s the video to prove it.




We’ve Interviewed Montreal’s very own  Christian Pronovost to give us a debrief on the evolution of the Montreal underground house & techno scene.

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