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Songs for My Grandmother by Tuğçe Kurtiş: A Play of Past & Present

Memory lane is vivid today. Tuğçe Kurtiş takes you down for a stroll, as she colorizes history with her spellbinding paintbrush, awakening the dancing sounds and smells of an elderly Istanbul. This artist shines bright with uniqueness; from the trajectory of her musical education to her worldview to her story, and how she deftly spins [...]

Throwback Series: Sweet Anomaly, Dugong, Oona Dahl – What May Come [Review]

Husa Sounds has been cooking up a storm for 2018 – and we’re just getting started. Everyone loves a good throwback. They conduct familiar sounds from the back of our minds to the front, tickle our senses, open doors on shelved memories and remind us of art we meant to check out but didn’t. There’s […]

Travel with Boshoco’s New EP, Tressé, Out Now on Souq Records! [Review]

What’s music without discovery? Tune into the work that Souq Records does and you will find yourself on a road scintillating with taste, diversity and novelty. This label is always one to keep in your back pocket for the promise of creative and culturally rich soundscapes. Middle-Eastern electronic music is a genre so peaceful and […]