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Team Members


With project based management to A&R on Husa Sounds Records, Adam has been growing Husa Sounds to be the unique platform it has grown into today. contact:

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In charge of Public Relations, Lola is a key member of the Husa Sounds team. Click here to read coverage by Lola

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Creative Writer When Hellan writes about an event, it’s almost a virtual reality experience. Covering events all over the world in a attendee’s perpective. Click here to read coverage by Hellan

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Jillian Fulton is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at York University in Toronto. Her work explores electronic music scenes of Toronto and Montréal. For more information about her project, find her on social media @chebakhadijah or email her at

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Blogger Hunter Noble Lyons is a USA raised writer and musician. Having been involved in music all his life, he feels at home among Montreal’s vibrant scene of DJs, producers, and audiophiles. Lover of all things techno, house, ethnography, and music tech, you can find him writing about all the Montreal happenings on social media. […]

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Sarah has been writing for us since ___ covering fundraisers to big festivals siuch as Envision Festival in Costa Rica.

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Product Review When you want to get in the nitty gritty of how to patch a modular piece of hardware to reproduce a certain sound or simply when you want to read a review on the newest piece of gear, Yulian’s got you.

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writer / visual arts Covering events such as Piknic Electronik contact:

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Studio Engineer  Always bringing life to the party, Peter is also known as the carrot man.

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