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Author: Lola Baraldi / Page 2

Loco Dice’s Roots, from Dusseldorf to Detroit

Written by on 15 March 2018

Fresh, sharp, edgy. Self described « Hip-Hop rooted, House & Techno Kung-Fu Master », his spark sets dance floors all over the world alight. Loco Dice (Desolat, Ovum,  Cocoon…) has pumped out a new energetic burst of a track, Roots, from his forthcoming album, Love Letters. He commands the listener’s attention with swift rhythmic progression, dynamic breaks […]

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The Odyssey: Ride with Tone Depth on his New fryhide Release

Written by on 15 December 2017

Timeless, punchy, soulful and immersive. Tone Depth comes back strong on the scene with his latest release, a beautifully crafted hypnotic four-song EP, fourth in line of fryhide label releases. The catchy deep tech soundscape of Odyssey Part I reflects emotion, maturity and solid production over ambient techno tones, soaring dark rhythms, live-recorded instrumentation and gliding […]

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marvin & guy salon daome montreal

Marvin & Guy Set to Land in Montreal aboard Lofthanza this Sunday!

Written by on 29 November 2017

What do Italo-disco, B-rated horror film soundtracks from the 70s, Black Sabbath and 1980s Japanese pop all have in common? You can find their sounds exploring Marvin & Guy’s broad musical portfolio. These guys have stories to tell. They do it through kick drums, eclectic sampling, contemporary italo revivalism, groovy bass-lines and impeccable production. This […]

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Photo by Nicolas Landry of Nicolas Jaar Montreal 2017 show

Review | The Many Colors Of Nicolas Jaar

Written by on 21 November 2017

As Nicolas Jaar concludes his latest tour, Husa Sounds would like to look back on his dazzling Olympia appearance last month. Quite different from his DJ sets, his live set truly allow for glimpses into the depth of his creativity, showcasing his captivating capacities as a sonic and visual architect. It all started with a […]

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abandoned halloween 2017 montreal drumcell clarian tonedepth atroxx jimmy be

Montreal’s Throwing A Rave Inside A Church For Halloween!

Written by on 13 October 2017

God doesn’t sleep, and neither do we.  Halloween and the Abandoned parties carry the same foundations: defying and escaping reality for transient moment, surrounded by fellow wanderers in search of an excellent time. Following the enchanting success of past parties, a stacked roster of music collectives has heard your prayers and are ready to bring you the […]

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