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Author: Jillian Fulton

Emerging Artists: Mr ID / Omah EP Release

Written by on 18 January 2019

Mr ID is pouring his worldview of “what it means to be Moroccan” into the music that he produces and performs regularly throughout North Africa and into Europe. His music largely encompasses Moroccan folk culture, expressing parts of his own identity as well as other minority groups throughout the region, particularly the spiritual music of […]

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MUTEK Coverage: A Moment with Debbie Doe

Written by on 26 November 2018

A couple of hours before her live set at Mutek’s Experience 3, I walked up the winding stairs to meet with Debbie Doe at the café in Monument National. Waiting for her for a few minutes, I found myself surrounded by the excitement and stressful chatter of artists pitching their projects to representatives from grant […]

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MUTEK Coverage: DJ Lag, GQOMKing

Written by on 18 September 2018

Meet Lwazi Asanda Gwala, better known as DJ Lag, one of the pioneers of GQOM, the hottest sub-genre of house music branching from Kwaito House and Shangaan Electro, blasting through your speakers straight from Durban, South Africa. Spreading its wings first to London, then touring Europe and Asia, the genre has become internationally known in […]

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MUTEK Coverage: Issues and Methodologies

Written by on 11 September 2018

Mutek: a space for people within and outside of the industry to connect, listen, network, share space, and discuss the issues, concepts, and methodologies surrounding experimental electronic musics. The events sent me sensing my way through Montreal, and not only by captivating my sense of hearing with musical performances. The festival was a sensory playground […]

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Emerging Artists | The Sound of Mint

Written by on 23 July 2018

Mint – that refreshing yet soothing element added to a sweet cup of tea. Preparing mint tea in North Africa takes time and care in order to brew the perfect balance of spices and ingredients. Its lengthy tradition of pouring and mixing opens up conversation and brings people together; and finally tasting its warmth evokes […]

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secret society sessions sss : year two 2 montreal toronto

IC: Toronto’s Secret Society Sessions: Year Two LP Review & Premiere

Written by on 3 January 2018

  Secret Society’s LP release party for SSS: Year Two brought Toronto’s underground dance music community together on December 22nd to celebrate the city’s local talent. The evening connected old and new faces, showing the impact that artistic production has on an ever-growing social collective. Highlighting the LP through it’s energetic flow, This is What You’ve […]

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Intercity Connections: Husa Sounds in Toronto!

Written by on 24 August 2017

Have you heard? Husa Sounds and Deep House Toronto are launching a new event series that will bridge our beloved cities: Intercity Connections. Our first installation is going to be at Parlour this Saturday, August 26th! Come out, support, and help us spark a longterm collaboration! The collaborative work began with Adam’s release on Dream Culture‘s Infinity EP – have a […]

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Intercity Connections: Fulltone’s “Wise People” EP release [Orient Art]

Written by on 14 May 2017

On May 10th, Orient Art released Fulltone’s latest EP, Wise People, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Amr Khaled over Skype to find out what it’s all about. Amr is a passionate musician and producer located in Cairo, Egypt. Fulltone, his alias, comes from “the harmony that results from diversified beats, sounds, rhythms and melodies; […]

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