This Saturday is a very special day for Canada : it will be the first 420 event under the new legislation, which means that all of you weed lovers will be free to celebrate. As the humble event organizers that we are in this beautiful city, we know that a good strain of your favourite herb is always a relevant addition to a night of dancing under electronic music spells.

This is why this 420, FrontRite, Husa Sounds, Artronik Media, NoiseFloor Records, and Echo Hardware have gathered up in a first-time collaboration and prepared something very special for you… An event that surely will inspire you by its multiple facets and focuses:  art, music, technology, discussion panels, food (munchies), inspiring people, talented musicians, DJs, and lovely participants. We have gathered all the beautiful people we could think of to deliver a fresh and unique moment!

Space Out, or an attempt to recreate the birth of the universe with Montreal’s finest local artists and collectives joining forces. For the first time ever,  we will celebrate 420 and the days leading up to Earth Day in a multi-sensory immersive experience amongst our community !

With Earth Day being so close, we decided that this event will not only stand for its traditional reasons but also in celebration and reflexion around our environment and a path for a more sustainable future. Bob Marley once said (of course I was going to quote him) :

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”

To extension, this applies to our environment and the way we organize our life around it, recognizing the values of our ecosystem and learning how to sustainably co-exist with it.

With no further ado, let me present you the exciting planning we and our partners have put together for you !

The event will start a 4:20 (of course it was) where we will meet in front of Bain Mathieu. Gathering everybody and getting the excitement up, we will walk to the venue where the first activities and workshops will be waiting for you. Held in an abandoned public swimming pool center, offering great spaces for our two musical scenes and multiple workshops and live acts, the event will last until late into the night…

The Swimming pool complex before it became a stoner’s paradise

Panels, workshops, and talks on sustainability, space and more will be held in the basement from 5pm to 8pm. The event will also feature live immersive visual experiences with VR technology thanks to Imagine 360 , live painting brought to you by Sylvie Berauld with FreshCreations, Nimano, and live graffiti artist LIVE.  We have thought of everything that could please our stoners, so we will have a video game station where you will be able to demonstrate your skills in what must be the most popular game amongst stoners (correct me in the comment section  if i’m wrong) : Super Smash Bros Melee on nintendo 64 and Gamecube (no Wii here, only OG gaming experience). For those who prefer the less violent game option, Mario Kart will also be available promising golden moments of high intensity races!

For the music… we’ve been organizing events for a few years now and we got a lot of friends that we were eager to invite for making this 420 a very special moment. We and our partners wanted to deliver a unique atmosphere with two separate ambiance for you to enjoy gathering artists of different genre and style from our very talented and heterogenous local scene.

So we have seen things in big for the annual weed celebration and will be presenting two different stages with diverse DJs, producers and artists that surely will make you bounce all day long, on what will be an eclectic electronic music journey ! The two scene will feature +10 hours of live music, DJ sets and cosmic visuals for the sole pleasure of your senses.

The First scene, named The High Cosmos (THC), will present a journey through a new musical and visual dimension, bringing the best of our local deep house, techno, and progressive scene. This room will be a great escape for our weed lovers who like the deep and exciting energy that comes from mixing THC with high tempo electronic beats. Montreal’s finest visual artists VJ BunBun(AVX Lab), Diagraf & Jhota(Artonik Media) will bring a unique cosmos in the room with a visual journey representing our solar system, the infinite universe it evolves in and many other eye-catching surprises…

Diagraf's visual show @LaSAT with Acid Pauli
Diagraf live visual show with Acid Pauli at Société des Arts Technologique

To accompany the visual journey, we gathered up a curated selection of magicians, whose names should sound familiar to most of our local ravers now !the musical journey will begin with a live performance by violin prodigy Marika Fellegi, accompanied behind the decks by DAVIAN.  Local house and techno masters Adam Solomon, Jimmy be, John Palms, and Daomé heroine Joumana will be joining us for the night !

Lessi S will be bringing that proper underground dubby vibe of hers, while MightyKat will give us a taste of her eclectic house & funky techno. Our friends at Kizi Garden Records are presenting Toma Voglen and his unique vinyl selections, while Rafa Pineda and OKIN, will join the dance, bringing their darker musical stories to share with you, in a moment of pure communion and love ! We are also very excited to announce Fryhide one and only music guru Pōe, joining us for a 1 hour set that surely will space you out !


The second scene (downstairs) brought to you by Cosmovision and With Dimensions, also known as the Cosmovision burns With Dimension scene (CBD), will feature downtempo electronic beats in a relaxing stellar atmosphere. The room will be decorated by our friends at Zoozoo creations (who have been providing their amazing dreamy decorations for multiple events in Montreal), promising an atmosphere that will pair beautifully with the music, and bringing to you guys a one-of-a kind multi-sensory experience!

Behind the decks, our guests will play some high-quality cosmic vibes, exploring the furthest part of our universe through mellow beats, vintage synthesizers, lo-fi melodies and chillwave sounds. Don Mescal, Felipe Nadeau, Nat Barrera, Chiino, Othman and his twisted downtempo grooves, Khalil.m, and Mexican underground specialist Risa will all be part of the celebration to keep you entertained for hours of music insanity.

To sustain all this activity and the most common side-effect of enjoying a dutchy* (or two), there will be lots of food and munchies, notably chocolates with a mission brought to you by Choco for Peace, Tiramisu with Amir Kuba, candy store, Krispy Kream, and grilled cheese sandwiches! We will also hold a healthy bar with fresh  smoothies to keep you hydrated on that cosmic voyage!

In consideration of these purposes and in an attempt to mix the Arts and Crafts in a unique way for this 420, we have been working relentlessly with all the people involved to render the best possible experience, we wish to see your beautiful souls dancing, discussing, exchanging and creating together in a celebration. Tickets are still available here, hurry up as our second phase is almost sold out.

A special thanks to all of our partners, organizers and volunteers that will make this event possible, and that worked hard to present an inspiring, unique experience that we hope you will enjoy as much as we will!