BREAKING NEWS: Halloween Murder Tied To Abandoned Factory

This past spring, local promoters Anthony D’Urbano & Adam Hussein came across a curious space while wandering into a vast Abandoned Factory. Little did they know what surprises the factory’s dark depths reserved…

After hosting a successful rave in June 2018, they noticed certain unsettling changes unfolding after the arrival of a mysterious new tenant… objects slightly displaced, lipstick smeared on the walls, rusty chains gone missing… But the real nightmare came to life when just 1 week ago, they came into the space in the middle of the night to find the main room littered with limbs of dismembered bodies. They gasped in horror at signs of the excruciating pain that preceded the crimes, splattered across the industrial floors. On the second floor, they found a dark room where pictures of past and future victims lined the dimly lit red walls.

From then on, no signs of life were given from the twisted tenant who disappeared into the dark, leaving his actions behind to scream for themselves. The police were contacted and swiftly began their investigation, linking the recent findings to a gruesome affair, the murder of Samantha Dufresne, Oct 26, 2014, a young aspiring model with stars in her eyes, a good heart…and perhaps lethal bruise marks on her neck.

The suspect was an anonymous photographer that witnesses had glimpsed conducting photoshoots on the nearby rail yard. A blood trail lead the investigators to believe she was dumped in the port of Montreal. With her body and the murderer both out of the picture, her fate lies in the unknown. Yet as this year’s Halloween date approaches, the police receive more calls each day citing unusual movement on the St. Lawrence, high momentary winds followed by an indistinct silhouette that lurks beneath the agitated rippling water…

Authorities strongly advised organizers to keep their party away from the factory as all those who step foot within the space and see what cannot be unseen are at risk… But Anthony D’Urbano, the founder of FrontRite, was quoted saying:

“The Party Must Go On! The Kids want Techno!”.

This Halloween, Party at your own risk…

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